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About us

ABW is a leading developer of business simulations for schools, tertiary institutions and the corporate sector. More than 200,000 people have participated in our simulations over the past 30 years. We offer simulations for students, employees and other individuals who’d like to learn from the hands-on experience of running a virtual business.

We make enterprise education exciting!

Our enterprise education programs incorporate computer simulated business environments. In the safety of the virtual world, participants assume management roles in businesses and make decisions (good or bad!) that affect business performance. For schools, the programs replace the regular curriculum for a one-week period, allowing students to immerse themselves in the virtual business world.

Because it’s experiential learning, rather than a lecture, it’s invaluable in terms of encouraging team work and a sense of responsibility, exercising decision making skills, and boosting confidence. It’s also an exciting and fun learning experience and a break from the routine of the typical school week.

Support from the ‘real’ corporate sector

ABW has strong support for programs from the corporate sector. Volunteers from the business community provide mentoring support to participating student teams, with more than 15,000 businesses contributing to programs to date.

The Global Enterprise Challenge

ABW was proud to be the host of the Global Enterprise Challenge – an international competition. Where school teams from around the world competed in the GEC.

Please explore our website to discover more about the programs available or contact us directly for more information.