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Secondary School program (years 9 to 12)

For years 9, 10, 11 and 12, our enterprise education program engages your ‘emerging adults’ into a virtual world of business for a week. They can taste a real world adult experience and learn vital business, workplace and life skills at the same time. An entire year, or a single class can undertake our program.

The program

Participants form teams of 4-10 and assume management roles to run a virtual company, making important business decisions as they compete against other participating teams. The program usually replaces the regular curriculum for a week, but can be extended if required, allowing students to immerse themselves in the experience for maximum learning potential. It’s also great fun!

A minimum of 40 students is suggested however, when 60 or more participate, it generates a larger number of companies and increases the competitive spirit.

Student tasks

  • Step into a role in general management, operations, marketing or finance
  • Compete against other teams
  • Make environmental decisions
  • Complete case studies
  • Write a company report
  • Create a product, process or service
  • Give an oral presentation
  • Produce a video commercial
  • Mount a trade display

Skills & learning

  • Business concepts – supply and demand, profit and loss
  • Work as part of a co-operative team
  • Problem solving
  • Apply mathematical ideas to real life situations
  • Learn about the monetary system
  • Improve communication skills
  • Explore future career interests
  • Prepare for adult life in the community

Business Simulations

Secondary School programs

Secondary School programs

The ABW program for secondary students is an intensive but enjoyable experiential learning experience over one or more weeks that complement the students’ regular curriculum.

Tertiary program

Tertiary program

The ABW tertiary program allows students to operate a virtual business, make decisions and mistakes, compete against their peers, and learn a range of skills that will serve them well in their chosen career.

Primary School program

Primary School program

Help primary students to develop team skills, self-worth, a work ethic, respect for others and a sense of community responsibility. Our enterprise programs allow them to learn about themselves and the adult world around them in an exciting hands-on way.