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Privacy policy

Australian Business Week Limited is strongly committed to protecting your privacy while interacting with the content and services available from our website. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to tell you what kind of information we may gather about you when you visit our site, how we may use that information, and whether we disclose it to anyone.

If you visit our site to read or download information

Australian Business Week Limited automatically gathers anonymous information for statistical and site management purposes. The information gathered includes:

  • the user's computer address; the user's domain name (eg;
  • the date and time of the visit to the site;
  • the pages accessed and documents downloaded;
  • the Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our site;
  • and the type of browser used.

No attempt will be made to identify users or their browsing activities except where required by law.

If you send us a query or send us personal details via an online form

Australian Business Week Limited will only use these details for the purposes necessary to answer your query or to meet the purposes of the form. Unless specifically requested by you, your personal details will not be added to a mailing list or disclosed to third parties. If you register in an interactive part of our site

To use some parts of our site such as a discussion forum or online course module, you will need to register as a user and provide some identifying information. The information will be retained by Australian Business Week Limited but will not be used for any other purpose, and will not be disclosed to third parties unless you have given permission, except where required by law. If you use a service that utilises 'cookies' 'Cookies' are small amounts of information that are created and stored on the user's system, and used by the Web host server for a variety of possible purposes, usually to store information about the activities that the user is currently undertaking while logged onto the service, or to remember details between sessions. Australian Business Week Limited will inform you when a specific service uses cookies. Cookie information is not retained by Australian Business Week Limited unless necessary to provide a service selected by the user (eg. personalised web presentation). Cookie information is not forwarded to any other body or organisation. This page has been produced by Australian Business Week Limited. Its content has been authorised by Norman Owens, Managing Director of Australian Business Week Limited. Questions concerning its content may be directed by e-mail to [email protected] Australian Business Week Limited Copyright Notice: All material published on the Internet by Australian Business Week Limited is protected by the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth). Other than in accordance with the provisions of that Act, or as otherwise expressly provided, a person must not reproduce, store in a retrieval system, or transmit (in any form or by any means) any such material without first obtaining the written permission of Australian Business Week Limited to do so. All enquires regarding the use material published by Australian Business Week Limited on the Internet should be directed to [email protected] Australian Business Week Limited Disclaimer: Whilst Australian Business Week Limited makes every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of information published on, served by and accessed via its Internet pages, Australian Business Week Limited, its employees and agents will not be responsible for any loss arising from the use of, or reliance on this information. Users should also note that Australian Business Week Limited does not endorse as to accuracy or content links on its Web pages to external Internet sites not published or maintained by it.