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Retail (Sandwich shop) simulation

Retail (Sandwich shop) simulation

The Sandwich Shop Simulation gives students the opportunity to explore the roles of the customer and business operator. 

The most successful sandwich shops are those that are scrupulously clean, produce quality food using fresh ingredients, offer a good range of alternatives, and provide excellent customer service. It’s not easy to do in a competitive marketplace!


This program can begin with an excursion to a local shopping centre where participants can observe people, goods and services and gather ideas for their own enterprise and a market day. Returning to school, students then take over a virtual sandwich shop that has been in operation for two years. They'll experience the roles of consumer and store owner and learn about the basics of doing business.

The challenge

Students must work in a team, making decisions about the sale of sandwiches, burgers, drinks, cakes and other food items. If their store is to be successful they’ll need to control costs and meet consumer demand in a competitive marketplace.


The Sandwich Shop Simulation is designed for primary school students and for secondary (years 7 & 8).