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ABW provides a medium for attaining many outcomes across all strands of VCAL. ABW has mapped the program to the Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Levels for the work related skills and personal development skills strands.

ABW students are provided with a myriad of information and gain knowledge of one of the manufacturing, hospitality, retail or information technology industries. Participation in the program facilitates the development of teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills that are necessary to function in the workplace.

Jenny Langford, St Joseph's College Mildura says:

"We run the ABW program and found that it was an excellent way to cover the learning outcomes and criteria of the VCAL strands. The program engaged students with a hands on program, a real experience to enable students to develop and demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to be part of a team and take on a role in business. ABW provides an alternative to generating specifically designed tasks that meet all assessment criteria.

VCAL is all about intergrated curriculum and this provides opportunities in all four strands. Students have to communicate, work together, meet deadlines and develop a sense of the costs and responsibilities of decision making.

I thoroughly recommend the ABW program to any teacher wishing to provide quality learning experiences for their students".

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