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Hospitality simulation

Hospitality simulation

A successful hotel must stand out in a highly competitive marketplace, attract business, maintain high standards and ensure that revenue exceeds the cost of making rooms available. The quality of the environment, customer service, marketing and profit margins are all major factors.


Our virtual full-service hotel has 200 rooms including 170 standard, 20 deluxe and 10 luxury. It has been in operation for two years when participants take over. During the simulation there is the opportunity to lease up to four more hotels. Revenue is available from room occupancy, conference space rental, food and beverage sales and spa and relaxation services.

The challenge

The aim is to run the hotel/s at a profit. Participants need to make decisions relating to revenue, marketing, acquisitions and customer service.


The Hospitality Simulation is designed for secondary school (years 9, 10, 11 & 12) and tertiary students.